New Market Baptist Church was established in a farming community in 1846. The church met on the second Sunday of the month at the home of Mrs. Hambrick. Membership being made up of farmers, teachers and hardworking individuals who wanted a Bible teaching church in their community. The first church building was finished in 1847, on land donated by Dr. George Norris. This building was on the west side of Winchester Road a few yards north of the present location.

In 1860, the church had 119 white members and 13 slave members.

In 1885, Rev. J.P. Pennington was pastor.

In 1905, Women’s Missionary Society was established. Making this the oldest one in the county.

In 1946, the 100th anniversary was celebrated. Lea Rice presented a history of the church.

In 1948, the present Sanctuary was built on land that was called the “grove” where those attending the church had parked their horse and buggies and later their cars in order to expand God’s work in the community. The building had a basement where there where 4 Sunday School rooms, a kitchen and dining room.

The church in 2004, added a fellowship hall and purchased the house behind the church across Jacks Rd. The basement of the building was converted into Sunday School class rooms. The purchased house enabled the church to have more class rooms, a place for youth and additional parking.

New Market Baptist Church’s mission is to continue reaching the community for Christ.